Analytics and Data Analysis

Solid Analytics and Data Analysis Boost Your Digital Results

Quite simply, robust, properly configured web analytics helps you make smarter digital marketing decisions. Unless you or your organization have deep experience with analytics, you may not be making the most of the data the systems provide.

With a broad cross-section of client experience, expertise with many different ad serving and conversion tracking systems, and a large number of analytics packages and set-ups, our clients count on us to close the loop between their campaign media, creative, analytics, web development and business results.

Our services run the gamut from developing, designing and installing initial analytics set-ups to reviewing existing analytics configurations and offering analytics and data analysis solutions to improve tracking or build remarketing lists. That’s why many of our clients consider us strategic partners, creative problem solvers, or even teachers.

Our Analytics & Data Analysis Experience:

  • Optimizing campaigns using leading systems incluing Google Analytics, Omniture and WebTrends
  • Mastering client-specific analytics solutions
  • Experience with a range of ad servers including DART, TruEffect & AppNexus
  • Using first, second and third party data to maximize digital advertising results
  • Developing analytics and data capture system across different industries
  • Installing Google Analytics and Tag Manager
  • Analyzing landing page effectiveness
  • Making design suggestions to boost conversion from Google Analytics
  • Syncing various Google webmaster tools and analytics systems
  • Building remarketing lists throughout the conversion funnel to optimize results