Our Digital Media Planning & Buying Services

With our Agile Digital Media Planning Model, we relentlessly test and track every aspect of your digital media campaign and exploit top performers – combinations of digital media, creative, ad formats, and pricing deals to optimize results. Once we’ve collected enough data, we start all over again, looking for high potential combinations that out-perform current “winners.” While there are many “easy” media placements that on the surface appear appropriate, our detailed, investigative approach dramatically improves results.

Agile Digital Media Planning & Buying Model:

agile model

Aber Group Digital Media Expertise:

  • Web based video, banner & text display ads
  • Programmatic media buying, real time bidding, private exchanges within DoubleClick Bid Manager & AppNexus ecosystems
  • Mobile advertising using video, banner & text ads on smartphones & tablets
  • Native advertising and content integration on leading & niche properties
  • Social media advertising placements on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TripAdvisor among others
  • Extensive use of remarketing, and other first, second and third party data
  • Success reaching niche digital and mobile audiences including business and consumer targets, newcomers to Canada, and various demographic and interest groups