How We Make Social Media Advertising Work For You

Incredible targeting and creative options make social media advertising so appealing. Nowhere else are you able to target prospects simultaneously by their interests, demographics, psychographics, and life stage like you can on Facebook for example. And for destination marketing organizations and other travel marketers, sites like Trip Advisor are much more effective at delivering in-market travellers than any other medium.

We recommend social media advertising tactics that deliver the best results – not necessarily the latest trends. Much like paid search, our model for Facebook and other user generated content advertising relies on extensive testing and optimization of social media networks, message, image and targeting to determine the most effective campaign. With our up to date Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon & TripAdvisor experience, we’ll guide you to the right media strategies and tactics to achieve your objectives.

Social Media Advertising Campaign Examples

  • Targeting newcomers to Canada
  • Encouraging families to getaway to Bruce Grey Simcoe counties on TripAdvisor
  • Remarketing campaigns via the Facebook Exchange
  • Facebook custom audience segments, promoted posts, newsfeed & right-hand rail ads
  • Promoted Tweets and Twitter Lead Gen card
  • Reaching specialized B2B audiences on LinkedIn
  • Generating sign ups for various charitable events via Stumble Upon