Targeting Hard-To-Reach Digital Audiences

As seasoned direct marketers, we know the value of being able to reach very specific, niche digital audiences online and via mobile – in fact, reaching these market segments is our specialty. Some of the tactics we use to reach niche digital audiences include:

  • First, second & third party data
  • Contextual targeting to reach people interested in specific content
  • Paid search to target topics of interest to specific audiences
  • Local or regional websites that target specific interests or ethnicities
  • Geo targeting
  • Information in Facebook profiles
  • Time of day targeting

Below is a small sample of the unique digital and mobile campaigns we’ve run. Please contact us if you would like to know more about what we can do for you.

Niche Digital Audience Campaign Examples

  • Parents of autistic children looking for a summer camp
  • People in Detroit who like Shakespeare
  • Recent Filipino, Chinese and South Asian newcomers to Canada
  • People in market for automobiles
  • Frequent travellers
  • Families with Children looking for festivals
  • Opera fans in Wisconsin & Illinois
  • Grade 12 high school students searching for a university or college
  • Field service managers in Australia
  • Carpenters and plumbers interested in industrial grade tools
  • Stamp collectors
  • US e-commerce firms