Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising presents many new and effective ways to engage people and sell products and services, but there is no “one size fits all” approach that works for all marketers and organizations. That’s why our test, track, learn and roll-out approach is so effective in helping you to develop mobile advertising plans that really work.

We’ll start by helping you decide whether to target smartphone and/or tablet users. Tablet users tend to use their devices like they would a computer, while smartphone users prefer short, highly relevant, location-based information. Your mobile advertising strategy should be very different if you are trying to encourage someone to apply for a credit card vs. reserve a table at a nearby restaurant.

Next consideration is whether to use some or all of the mobile advertising opportunities: search, banners, text, videos, and social media ads. Typically, we recommend testing as many placements as possible and collecting objective campaign data quickly. Based on the results, we shift funding to the most successful campaigns.

Mobile Advertising Campaigns We’ve Managed

  • Health monitoring app downloads for a leading not for profit
  • App downloads for a Canadian Crown Corporation
  • Generating trial subscriptions for Canadian magazine apps
  • Sale of charitable lottery tickets
  • Awareness campaigns for credit card, travel, not for profit and retail advertisers
  • Things to do and places to go for Destination Marketing Organizations targeting people in the region
  • Sales of tickets to live theatre and events